Prices, Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions:


For as long as the Fees and all other costs are paid up to date, the Owner licences the Client to use the unit for the storage of goods in accordance with these terms and conditions during the contract period. The minimum period of storage is 1 month on signature of this contract. The Client must ensure that the unit is locked at all times when they are not on site.


The Client must pay in advance for the storage which will be calculated initially pro-rata for the remainder of the month and thereafter as a monthly payment due by the first of each following month. A deposit will be required for the Container (to include a lock and key), which will be refunded within 21 days of terminating the agreement if the Container is left as when it was first occupied by the Client. This contract will be self-renewing month by month unless a final date is specified.

The Client must keep the key(s) safe. No copies may be made of the key(s). Loss of keys will incur a £55 charge as a new lock will need to be fitted to the Container for security. After the termination of this Licence charges will be applied until the key is returned. For any additional keys the charge will be £12.

The Client is not permitted to use additional locks on the Owners containers.

Change of Fees

The Owner may change the fees at any time by providing the Client with written notice. The new fees shall take effect on the first due date occurring and not less than 1 month after the date of notice to the last known address or email address.

Late Payments or Failure to Pay

The Client must pay the Owner the full amount owing each month.

Your licence will be revoked if your payment is late on more than two occasions.

Any outstanding monies will be treated as unpaid fees and liable to the following: -

If fees are not paid in full within the ten days following the due date the Client will be liable to a £35 administration charge and an additional lock fitted to stop access.

If the Client has not made payment one full month after the due date, the Owner will refuse the Client access to their goods held in storage and refuse access to the site as a whole until all payments are received and up to date. If 2 months of full consecutive fees are unpaid the Owner has a right to claim possession of the contents of the storage unit to sell and pass all ownership of the contents or otherwise dispose of the contents. The proceeds of the sale will be firstly paid to cover the costs incurred by the Owner and secondly in discharging the debt and holding any balance for the Client (no interest will be accrued).

The Owner has the right to remove the goods to ensure the Container is available for immediate use.

The Client is liable for any costs incurred in administering the debt collection and/or sale process of goods. If the proceeds of sale are insufficient to discharge all or any part of the debt, the Client is liable to pay the balance outstanding within seven days.

If the contents of the unit cannot be sold for any reason whatsoever, the Owner is authorised to treat them as abandoned goods and to destroy or otherwise dispose of them at the Clients cost. The Owner reserves the right to continue to charge rental for the storage unit until the contents are sold or removed, the debt is paid in full, keys are returned and the unit is in a fit state for rental. The Owner reserves the right to use a debt collection agency and/ or to pass the debt to a third party and follow all legal processes to ensure the debt is discharged. Signature of this contract demonstrates that the Client understands the financial rates, terms and conditions and that the Client can adhere to the monetary terms and conditions without economic hardship. The Client must inform the Owner of any changes in their circumstances that may impede their ability to conform to the terms and conditions.

Personal Information

The Client will be asked to provide photographic proof of ID and the current address from a utility bill/council tax dated within the last 6 months. The Client must inform the Owner of any changes to the billing details or personal information (such as a change of address etc) within 48 hours of any change.

Prohibited Goods

  • Perishable Goods

  • Living Creatures

  • Flammable or Combustible Items, fireworks, gas, petrol, paint, oil, cleaning solvents or acids

  • Explosives, firearms or ammunition

  • Dangerous Chemicals

  • Asbestos, toxic waste or potentially hazardous or contaminative substances or materials

  • Radioactive materials

  • Any item which emits odours and fumes

  • Any illegal substances

  • Compressed Gases

  • Goods that have been stolen, smuggled or counterfeited

  • Wet or damp items

Prohibited Uses

  • Use the unit or do anything on site which would adversely affect insurance premiums

  • Cause a nuisance to other clients, the Owners or the Owners Representatives on the site

  • Make any alteration to the internal or external surfaces of the unit

  • Signage

  • Leave any waste or refuse on site

  • Cause any damage

  • Any stolen goods

  • Any item which is not owned by the owner

The Owner has the final say on what can and cannot be stored. Any item not allowed will have to be removed immediately. If this is not carried out within 24 hours the Client will be liable for its removal and all costs that are incurred.

Liability for Loss or Damage to Goods

The Owner accepts no liability for any loss, theft of or damage to the Client’s containers contents, which are stored entirely at the Clients risk. It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange and maintain insurance for the contents of their storage unit.

Liability for Personal Injury

The owner accepts no liability for injury to the Client or Client’s representative/s whilst on site.

Period of Licence and its Termination

This Licence will continue unless and until terminated by:

  • Either party giving the other party 7 days’ notice. The Client must return all keys.

  • The Owner may terminate the Licence in the event of any amounts remaining unpaid or immediately for

    any breach of this Licence Agreement.

Obligations of the Client on Termination.

Within the 7 days’ notice period of this Licence, the Client must remove the Goods from the Container, clean and tidy the Container and surrounding area, leaving it in the same condition as when the Licence commenced. If any damage has occurred or cleaning is required, the Client must pay to the Owner the reasonable costs of repair or cleaning. Please note that the Owner takes a video record of the condition of the Container at the commencement of the tenancy. We recommend that the Client does likewise to avoid any discrepancy in the event of a dispute.

Use of the Container

The Client may not sublet either the Container or any part of the unit, or operate a business/work from the Container.

Licence and the right to access the Storage Container

This Licence Agreement does not confer on the Client any right to exclusive use or possession of the Storage Container and the Owner may at any time on not less than 14 days’ notice require access for such as routine maintenance, or in case of emergency, immediate access.

Suitability of the Storage Container

The Client is advised to inspect the container to satisfy that the Container is suitable for their requirements.

Access to the Site and Site Rules

Access to the site is during specified opening hours via the agreed access ways and routes and only directly to and from the client’s licensed container. The Owner has the right to change the above and will give the Client a full month’s written notice by email or post.

The Client must follow all instructions given for their safety, especially signs indicating entrance and exit routes. For the safety of others, the Speed limit of 5mph must be strictly adhered to. The Client must report any safety or security issues immediately to The Owner.

Please note that the Clients use this site at their own risk. The Owner shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, costs or damages suffered by any delay or access to the site due to temporary works or any matter outside the control of the Land Owner.

The Land Owner/Owner cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to pets, persons, vehicles or property whilst on the site.

The Client is responsible for their own and any accompanying peoples’ safety. It is advised that children and pets are kept under close supervision as the Owner accepts no responsibility for their safety.

The Client must liaise with the Owner, Owner’s representatives and with other clients in a courteous, respectful, friendly and helpful manner at all times. Any verbal intimidation or any form of violence or harassment will lead to the immediate termination of the contract, with all fees to be paid before the Client may clear their goods.

From time to time, it may be necessary for the Client to move their vehicle to allow others to gain access to their Container.

The Client will need to ensure that the area surrounding their container is cleared of debris after accessing their container.


The Owner may at any time unilaterally vary any of the terms in this contract provided that such variation is provided in writing to The Client at their last given address.

Signing this contract confirms that the container is in a good state of repair and is fit for purpose.