Prices, Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1.  You must ensure that the unit is locked so as to be secure from unauthorised entry at all times when you are not in the unit. We will not be held responsible for locking and unlocked unit.

2.  The goods in the unit must be your own property, or you have authority to store the goods if owned by someone else.

  • Prohibited goods include:
  • perishable goods
  • living creatures
  • flammable or combustible items
  • explosives
  • chemicals
  • asbestos or potentially damaging materials
  • any item which emits odour or fumes
  • any illegal substances or items
  • Compressed gases.

4.  Prohibited uses: You must not:

  • use the unit or do anything on site which would adversely affect insurance
  • premiumscause a nuisance to anyone on the site
  • Make any alteration to the internal or external surfaces of the unit
  • leave any waste or refuse
  • Cause any damage.

5.  Deposit must be paid on your signature of the agreement. The deposit will be returned to you (without interest) within 21 days of the agreement terminating, less any outstanding fees, repairs or cleaning we consider is required. Replacement locks & keys are chargeable at a cost of £55.00. You must ensure that the unit is suitable for the storage of your goods.

6.  Your deposit will need to be paid either in cash or by standing order (transfer to clear prior to hand over of unit).

7.   First months fees due at time of signing for contract. If the start of your contract is not required on the 1st of the month, your first month’s fees will be pro-rated to the end of that month - payable via cash or standing order on signature.

8.  Payments for subsequent month’s fees should be via standing order and due on 1st of every month thereafter.

9. We reserve the right to change your lock if sight of a Utility Bill and ID is not received within 3 days of signing up.

10.  We will accept that payment has been made when we have received cleared funds. If a cheque or standing order is dishonoured, we will need to charge an administrative fee of £30.00.

11.  If payment is not received on time, we have the right ultimately to change the lock and sell the goods.

12.  We do not insure or arrange insurance for the goods. You are obliged to insure the goods for their total replacement value, however we can point you to companies who specialise in this service.

13.  The agreement shall expire on the End Date by you or us by giving written notice of not less than 7 days. If you or we commit a breach of the agreement which is not put right within 14 days of it being notified then the agreement can be immediately terminated in writing.

14.  You agree to examine the goods carefully when removed from the unit and must tell us about any loss or damage as soon as reasonably possible.

15.  The unit sizes given are approximate and we hold no responsibility for the accuracy of the unit size.

16.  Only you and the persons authorised in writing or accompanied by you wil lbe allowed to have access to the unit at any time.

17.  You will permit us to access the unit if:

We give you no less than 7 days warning to:

  •         Inspect a unit
  •         Carry out repairs

At any time without notifying you if:

  •        We are required to do so by the Police, Fire Services or any other government or statutory authority or by a court order
  •        Emergency
  •        To prevent injury or damage